The band was formed by two guitar players Dali Vavrek and Joe Farkas in Bellevue, WA back in 2001.

The duo started to jam at Evolution Studios playing their favorite metal tunes of the 80s metal era. Soon they were joined by singer Ben Burris, bass player DJ Hill and drummer Kurt Roberts. The group started to rehearse and soon played as an opening act for an original recording band, Second Coming, at the now defunct Fenix Underground in Seattle. Throughout the years, the band played numerous venues around the Puget Sound.  Places like The Royal Bear, Red Tavern, Valhalla, Liquid Lime, Pickled Onion, Big Daddy's and many more. The band also played open air festivals in Leavenworth and Wenatchee.  In 2004, Joe Farkas left the band and was replaced by Jim Carlson on lead guitar. In 2006 a new drummer, Craig Nicolls, joined the band, along with John Crain on bass guitar. In 2011, Joe Farkas rejoined the band and took a position of the lead guitar player.  In the summer of 2013, Eduardo Giancristofaro became the bass player, and Brad Noe joined the band as the lead singer. 

Subsequently the band played at Studio 7 in Seattle with new line up.  In 2015, Lenny Low and Kevin Hammond joined the band to play bass guitar and drums. Shortly after Peter Heckel replaced Kevin Hammond on Drums and a recent addition of Andrew Gormley on bass guitar completed a current line up.

Current memebers:

Dali Vavrek - guitars

Joe Farkas - guitars

Brad Noe - vocals

Peter Heckel - drums

Andrew Gormley - bass guitar